Where do I put my coupon code?

 Why didn't I get an email about my order being shipped?

 How do I change my shipping address once my order is placed?

 Are there any customs duties on VougeMic?

 What is the status of my order?

 Can I change/modify my order?

 Can I cancel my order?

 How long does it take for my order to ship?

 How long will the order take to arrive?

 How can I track my order?



 Why hasn't my shipping information been updated?

 What if I don't want my parcel because of the custom duties?

 Why was my package returned?

 Why was my order shipped separately?

 How to change my shipping address?

 Are there any extra charges?

 My package was declined by customs, what should I do?

 My parcel is unsuccessfully delivered, what can I do?

 How come my package shows delivered but I have not received it?

 What happens if I am unavailable when delivery?



 I still haven't gotten the refund. What is status of my refund?

 How do I return an item?

 What is your return policy?

 How long till I get my refund?

 What if I received a wrong/defective/stained item?

 Can I get a full refund for the return?

 Can I exchange the item I received for a bigger/smaller size?

 Which carrier can I use to return my items?

 How can I return items?



 Can I use a gift card to pay?

 Why isn't my coupon code working?

 Why my credit card is refused?

 Can I use one more than one discount?

 Why did not I get a confirmed email about my order?



 Can I get the difference for a discount item ?

 Do you use fur and genuine leather?

 Will VougeMic restock the sold-out items?

 Is the item I want going to go on sale soon?

 How to choose my size?

 Why there are so many one-size products?



 What are the benefits to registering with us?

 How to update my email address?

 How do I reset password?

 Why can't I log into my VougeMic account?

 How do I change my password of my account?

 Why do we sign you up for an online account?


Security and Privacy

 Will VougeMic save my personal information?

 Is it safe to order from VougeMic?

 What is Personal Data?


About VougeMic

 Why VougeMic?

 About VougeMic